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Open Positions

Check out Our Work & Seek Your Opportunity.

Shape Your Future: Unlock the Secrets of Quantum Worlds!

Become a part of our dynamic team, observe, and demystify the enigmas of the quantum universe. We are actively seeking devoted students and scholars who excel in challenging environments and flourish in team collaboration.
What's on the Table for You?

Ion Chain
  • State-of-the-art Facilities: Work in our quantum physics' lab, furnished with the latest in instrumentation.
  • Skill Development: Get hands-on with diverse techniques and methodologies vital for AMO physics exploration.
  • Adaptable Engagement: Dive into projects spanning 3 to 12 months, with potential avenues for extended durations.
  • Collaborative Exposure: Benefit from our strong collaborations with leading global institutions, allowing you to engage in cross-disciplinary projects and research.
  • Publication Opportunities: Contribute to and be recognized in our consistently published research in leading physics journals.
  • Global Networking: Attend international conferences, seminars, and workshops, expanding your horizons and networking with the best in the field.
No matter where you stand – be it post-doctoral, doctoral, M.Sc., or B.Sc. pursuits – we're eager to connect.
Drop us a line and let's discuss how you can contribute to our endeavors.

Hands-on lab work
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