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TIAMO - Trapping Ions in Atoms and Molecules Optically

Daniel v. Schönfeld, Wei Wu, and Tobias Schaetz

We have open master level research projects at the Optical Ion trapping experiments. Interested candidates are welcome to contact us  at any time for details!


    TIAMO (Trapping Ions in Atoms and Molecules Optically)  

    Our group had achieved optical trapping of an ion in a dipole trap, recently followed by a 1D-optical lattice. There is a long-term prospect for scaling 2D quantum simulations in optical lattices, based on ions or even on ions and atoms. However, our current project of optically trapping an ion within a BEC of atoms is dedicated to overcome fundamental limitations set by micro-motion when combining optical and rf-trapping. We want to study how chemical reactions proceed at lowest temperatures? The classical concept predicts that approaching zero velocity is equivalent to a standstill of any dynamics. On the one hand, deviations can be expected, since the classical model is ceasing to be appropriate when particle-wave dualism is gaining importance. On the other hand, we might see quantum mechanical properties as minor corrections. However, in the regime of lowest temperatures quantum effects dominate and chemistry is predicted to obey fundamentally different rules. As a consequence, quantum chemistry might permit to control reactions and their pathways by external fields, since forces and related interactions become relevant compared to the kinetic energy. In collaboration with R. Mozynski (Univ. of Warsaw) we aim to study ultra-cold formation of BaRbwithin our optical traps. In a different context, however, developing the basic toolbox for operation, we performed a pump-probe experiment (5fs UV-pulses) on a single molecular ion. In collaboration with R. Cote (Univ. of Connecticut) we elaborate on options how to observe a BEC bound to an ion.

    [Text excerpt from "Activity Report des Physikalischen Instituts 2011-2013"]

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